Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Need a Little Patience...

Yeah, that's a great Guns N' Roses song - and it totally describes what I need when it comes to this second passport.

Getting the news of one passport was a high and a low all at once. It's progress with no forward movement. I've rode out the high as long as I could, and now I'm feeling the low of waiting for the other passport. I check our family page what seems like a zillion times a day, just hoping that this time there will be good news. Sometimes this time is only five minutes since last time. Sometimes I get up in the wee hours of the morning to check since the person who does our updates is 3 hours behind us and may have posted information after I went to bed. I'm a little neurotic about it, I guess.

I was surprised when we were told that passports take up to two weeks because that seemed like such a short timeframe. Well, we are past week three on this second passport. I should have known better than to expect them both in two weeks time, but I did.

And then there's a part of me that thinks, "See - you shouldn't have gotten their room ready. It was bad luck." Not that I believe in luck... but maybe Murphy's Law.

Don't misread me - we are still moving forward as if they are coming home soon. Baby gates are in the process of being installed. The minivan is getting a good cleaning and then I will take it to the fire department to have car seats installed. We are building a wall, hopefully this weekend, between our dining room and office so that little hands can't get into a bunch of books and papers and so that Chuck can work from home without little people trying to help him.

In the grand scheme of things we are very close to having our sons home and we know that. I know that many of you who read this are still what seems like light years away from bringing your kids home. And believe me, I understand. Our process has been longer than long and we are just hoping the end of it doesn't get long and drawn out, too. We still have some hoops to jump through and we are tired, but we will make it. So much of the waiting and longing and crying has all been so surreal. It's like watching a movie and then realizing that it's your reality. I sometimes wonder how we've made it this far and the truth is that God has carried us. He has sustained us this long, and I know He'll bring us through to the end.

So, with what patience I can muster, I'll keep clinging to God and checking for news.


Julie said...

Praying they are with you SOON!

Christine said...

I'm sorry. Always in his perfect timing, though. Cling to that truth. ((hugs))

Ginny said...

I totally understand, we are waiting on one of our boys' two passports as well. I have no idea what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Guess I need a little patience too. I must check your blog at least 15 times a day to see an update.
Gamut of emotions here!!


Anonymous said...

Gamut? Seriously....

Can I get a definition, please?