Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Guarded Heart

Today is the two week mark since we got out of MOI. We were told that passport printing could take up to two weeks, and here we are. Now, it is very possible that the passports are indeed printed and we just haven't heard that yet. Sometimes communication from Haiti can take time. Or, the passports aren't printed yet. God knows and I'm leaving that in His hands this morning.

The next and final step is getting the boys their visas. All the paperwork that we need to submit for that has been in Haiti for a week now. Some people are getting visas very quickly and others have waited months. We have no idea how quickly or slowly this will go for us, though it seems that (some) families who filed their I-600 in Haiti (which we did) are waiting less time.

So, we could be very close to bringing the boys home. And I can't seem to wrap my mind around that. You'd think I'd be jumping up and down, but it's more like I'm holding my breath. I have this desire to get their beds made and stock the cupboards with kid friendly foods and put up baby gates (that I hope they'll respect) and put the safety locks on the kitchen cupboards, but I can't help but guard my heart from disappointment and the way I do this is to not get things ready. I've gotten things ready before. We had a whole nursery ready over a year ago when we got out of IBESR. I've bought tons of diapers, only to give them away.

I honestly don't know how I'll respond when it is finally time to go get them. I had a dream last week that we were called and told that they had our visas and we could book our flights. The feeling I had in my dream was indescribable. I immediately picked up the phone to call American Airlines, but then decided I needed to talk to Chuck first. It was like I didn't know what to do because I was so excited and shocked.

A lot of kids from our orphanage have gone home recently and it sounds like several more are heading home this week. So, there is definitely some movement going on. Many of the kids who've gone home or who are slated to go home were quite a ways behind us in process. While I'm thrilled that they are home with their forever families, it still hurts knowing that my boys are still sitting in an orphanage, their homecoming long overdue.

And so I wait - wait for news on the passports - and wait on getting things ready here at home.


Kathy said...

I hope the call comes very soon!

Anonymous said...

I know how hard it can be (been there), but claim it, Julie! Stick to non-perishables and make the beds, etc. It's time!

Empathising with you.


Anonymous said...


I can ONLY imagine the range of emotions you are feeling right now with it being so close, yet having so many roads bloacks along the way . You guys have waited SO long. I pray it is REALLY soon.

Salzwedel Family said...

I understand your being guarded, but have faith - He will complete this good work He began!

Ginny said...

I totally understand! We started all these projects to get ready for our boys to come home, but I can't make myself finish them. It's hard to believe they will ever come home.

Little Patch of Heaven said...

I am hoping all goes quickly for you.

Sarah & Crew said...

Praying that you get the long-awaited news and that your visa process is fast.

We are in a similar situation. We found out mid-week last week that we have passports for our 2 boys. It's still hard to drop that guard and actually begin to prepare for them. I don't think I could bear yet again to pack away outgrown sizes that were never worn.

Good luck to you in bringing those two boys home!!!
-Sarah C.

Christine said...

Oh, I hope it happens soon! Your boys are adorable and their room is just awesome!

My husband finally has our son in his arms and is bringing him home this Friday!

It will be your turn very soon!