Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Boring Update

Warning. This is a boring update.

Okay, you've been warned. For the past week or so, Chuck and I have been working on updating our home study, which expired on 2/24. There's a good chance we won't need to prove that it's been updated, but we'd rather not worry about it toward the end of our adoption. Peace of mind means more to us than the $250 the update will cost us. So, we both had to get updated medical and employment letters. Even though I'm no longer employed I was required to get a letter from my former employer stating that. Silly! After a few notary problems we got it all turned in, along with requests for the State Police to do another round of background checks on us.

We also submitted a request to the USCIS to be refingerprinted. Our fingerprints are due to expire the beginning of July, and since it's beginning to look like the boys will come home mid to late summer, we need to get this redone. If you think to, please pray that the USCIS office in Norfolk will have grace with us because we are requesting to be fingerprinted before we are officially supposed to. We have to do this because we'll be out of the country when we're allowed to ask. If you're wondering why we need fingerprints and refingerprints, I have no idea. I just do what they tell me to do. If they say to stand on my head for a day I'll do it if it means our boys can come home.

When we were in the beginning stages of this process I was amazed to hear of families who had to update their home studies and be refingerprinted. I never imagined that this whole process would take sooooo long that we would need to do these things, too. I thank God often that I didn't know in the beginning how long this would take. I just don't think my selfish little self would have done it.

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