Monday, March 26, 2007

Good News??

I have this feeling that good news will come this week.

I hesitate to write this because I could be wrong and I hate to be wrong (just ask Chuck about that!). I also like to put protective measures in place so that I don't get hurt. In this case I would not out loud (or in print) voice that I think something good could happen. That way, if it doesn't happen I'm not hurt. Well, my heart has been stomped on all through this adoption journey, so a few more stomps won't kill me.

Good news would sound like this: "Chuck and Juli, your dossier has been released from the Prosecutor's office." In case you're wondering, the "come and get them" call is still quite a ways off.

I must admit that I feel this pending good because we are getting close to the 2 month mark from when our dossier was released from IBESR. And 2+ months seems to be the timeframe for the Prosecutor's office. Some people have waited a lot longer, though.

So, we will wait and see. Your prayers would be appreciated. Good night!

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mom said...

Want you to know I pray for them several times a day. I can't wait for your wait to be over, and will be dancing with joy when my precious grandchildren are home in the U.S.