Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some News

Well, I emailed our adoption coordinator, Cate, this week to see where our paperwork is at. Cate is a wonderful gal who is also adopting from FHG. Her and her husband should be bringing their 3 little girls home sometime shortly before our boys come home. Anyway, the reason that I emailed her was because there was a change in the steps of the process, and I wanted to see how that affected our paperwork. I learned that our paperwork is at the Prosecutor's office. The timeframe for this step, as best as I can tell, is 2-5 months. They really scrutinize the paperwork at this stage (according to everything I've read). So, please pray that our paperwork flies through this step. We aren't sure if we received Judgement before our paperwork went to the Prosecutor. Judgement used to be the next step after IBESR, but now it comes after the Prosecutor's office and Cate is going to find out if we received Judgement before going to the Prosecutor's office (that would be cool if we did) or if we still have that to look forward to. So, that's the news. Please pray - if you are a praying person - that our paperwork moves quickly. We'd really like to bring the boys home with us when we go to Haiti at the end of May. Yes, I said we are going to Haiti in May! I'll post about that separately.

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