Saturday, September 13, 2008

Specific Prayers, Please

Hey, if you read this blog and you're praying for us, could you please pray for a few specific things?

Tristan has been doing horrible with napping the last few days. He is fighting sleep hard during the daytime which makes it hard to really focus on the twins.

The twins have had three major freakouts while eating. I'm really not sure what's happening. They seem to see something that terrifies them, but there is nothing there. Nothing.

With how long it took to bring the boys home, I have no doubt that we were under spiritual attack with the adoption. We are starting to think that it has not ended.

So, please pray against spiritual attack on us. We really believe that with how hard we had to fight to get these boys home that God really has great plans for them.



Rose Anne said...

Father wrap your strong arms around this family! Protect thwm from any attack that comes their way....
we pray this in your Holy name

Anonymous said...

Praying here!!!