Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Monday Thoughts

Well, it's 7 p.m. and I have two little boys in bed. The littlest boy and his daddy went to Bible study together, so it's just me and the twins for a little while. Once they are sleeping, what on earth will I do with myself??

I have a kitchen and dining room to clean up and I plan to call a friend whom I've wanted to talk to for a while. Chuck and I watch House, MD and last night I fell asleep before the end of an episode so I may finish that as well. I should probably sleep, but I can't help but do things that I want to do. My life all day long is serving the little people, so I can't help but stay up and do some things I enjoy. Okay, I don't enjoy cleaning, but I do enjoy it once everything is clean.

My mom and sister went home today. I'm totally sad to see them go. They were a big help. My mom did laundry pretty much non stop while she was here and Christi cooked for us and made some spaghetti sauce for the boys. We have to puree in the ground beef to get them to eat meat, so she did a bunch of that for us. And of course they helped out tremendously with the baby. Seriously, people, how do you make dinner, feed your bigger kids, bathe them, and put them to sleep with an infant to deal with as well? I'm at a loss on how to make it all happen smoothly. There is usually crying going on by at least one little person. I run into the same thing at breakfast and lunch times, too. Is slinging the baby my only option? I'm not sure why, but I just can't seem to get comfortable slinging him. Either he is unhappy in the sling or I'm so afraid he'll fall out or I'll bump him or spill something on him. Any advice would be so appreciated! I know a big part of this is me just getting comfortable with being a mom. I just don't know what the crap I'm doing so much of the time.

For lunch today the boys at macaroni and cheese. I know this isn't the healthiest of choices, but it is a new food and that's a big deal. They also stole a banana right in front of me and tried to eat it with the peel still on it. Samuel usually won't eat bananas, but I guess he likes the stolen variety. Seriously, though, they stole it off the counter right in front of me and I didn't realize it until they were biting into the peel and my sister said, "What does Noah have in his mouth?"

Tristan continues to wake up about 20 minutes after I put him down. The only time he doesn't do this is at night, thank God. He sleeps like a champ at night and I am SO SO thankful for that. I think the little guy is struggling with digestive issues. He'll be just fine and then he'll get all fussy and I'll here his stomach make noises and then he'll mess up his diaper and then he's fine. He also passes a lot of gas. It is so noisy that Chuck and I can't believe those noises are coming from the baby. We put in a call to the doctor late this afternoon and hopefully we'll hear back first thing in the morning.

There's not too much else to share. I think Chuck is going back to work this week, at least part time, and I'm terrified, but I know he needs to get back to work. He was off for a full two weeks and has lots to do. Pray for me.

My entire life feels completely in disarray right now. It has been completely turned upside down. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to finally be a mommy. It's just all so overwhelming at times. I'm trying not to miss out on all the cool stuff each day. I'm also trying not to do too much too soon. There is so much I want to do with and for my kids. I just have to trust in God's perfect timing. Okay, I've officially started to ramble. Time to end. Good night.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am struggling with the new baby and trying to do meals/beds/baths... AND I have been a mom for 13 years!!!

Anonymous said...

My Precious Daughter,

I miss you all so much already. Your children are wonderful and well-behaved, and I am so proud of all of them.
Tristan is beyond cute, and Samuel and Noah are fantastic. How I long to hug them all in my arms.
You, my dear, are doing a great job and so is your great husband. Don't sweat the small stuff!

All my love,

Kathy said...

Just do what you can in one day EVEN if it's only one thing. Don't sweat the rest. Really.

Try adding pureed carrots to the mac & cheese. The kids ped told me that when they were going through a mac & cheese only stage. It will just make it a little darker.

Sherry said...

Slinging the baby is a GREAT idea! There are SO many different carriers out there. If 1 isn't comfy for you, there are tons of styles. I have a Ring Sling you're welcome to borrow if you'd like to try it. Oh, and I also have a mei tai if you'd like to try that one. They're both great for tiny babies.


Mary said...

I think you have it right, like when you say "i'm trying not to do too much too soon". You just need to stop beating yourself up about it! :-) Just being with those precious little guys is GREAT. Don't worry if dishes pile up or someone is crying. You are a great mom because that is what you care about. Things will get easier as time goes on. I can remember feeling like I sucked at the mommy thing because it was scary and new at times but you eventually learn that kids are super resiliant and you are all going to be just fine! God be with you on this journey. Thanks for being so real.

Jodie said...

Hi Juli,
I assume you're breastfeeding. Charis has issues with me and we had to use formula, which gave her gas. I had to put a drop (just one) of Mylecon in her bottles to ease her belly. There may be something out there that's better. Also, have you tried swaddling him when you put him down for a nap. You probably are, but it's just a suggestion. :) You might try putting a clock near him, too -- the ticking may be rhythmic enough to help him relax.

Natalie said...

Hi Juli,
Did you get a little seat for the baby? Not a Bumbo, but like one of those vibrating chairs?

You can put the baby in that, and just sit it down wherever you are...or a little portable swing will work too. After about the umpteenth time of bumping Eva into the counter or doorway, I gave up on the sling until she was a little bigger too.

And sometimes, you need to put in a video. There is no shame in it. You went from having no kids at home to a new baby and two toddlers with special needs in only a few weeks. The Leap Frog videos will be really good for the boys, and even Tristan will like Baby Einstein.

Also, while Chuck is still home, you may want to make some meals and freeze them, so you have something to fall back on. I can send you recipes, a menu, and a grocery list if you want. If I lived by you, I would just come cook all the meals for you.

Praying for you...

Jen S. said...

You might want to keep trying with the sling...mine didn't like it at first but she seems to be getting used to it now and it really does come in handy.

Oh, and she and Tristan could probably have a "gas-off" and see who toots the loudest...I told her it's not ladylike but she doesn't listen...


Rose Anne said...

I second the things said by Natalie! And by your Mom! don't sweat the small stuff it will fall into a rhythm!
And the viedo idea does work, Saul loved the Wiggles when he first came home and still loves Leap Frog learning videos today... and if you feel you need someone to help in the evening then let someone help there is no shame in know and asking for help right now!!!You and Chuck take care of the twins things and maybe someone can helps with Tristen just for awhile while everyone gets into a routine....Saul had the same dislike for milk but would eat ice cream - I bought the natrual vanilla Breyers and he would eat that. I liked that was not full of all the junk some of the others were...I use Rice Dream and Almond milk now instead of cows milk...
Hope this helps some.
Prayers for all of you!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

kayder1996 said...

Umm... seriously can't imagine it all. I struggled with feeling guilty when we had a foster child in our home. I would say don't let guilt rule your heart. You love your kids the best you can, you clean up what you can, you discipline what you can, and somedays you just hope the day ends quickly so you can get a fresh start. Seriously, just keep working on routine. Even if you can get small 5 minute chunks of a routine established it will help because 5 minutes in routine is 5 minutes not spent in chaos. Maybe pick one part of how you want the bathime,mealtime, etc. to go and focus on that rather than trying to think about having a perfectly seamless bathtime/mealtime? Maybe you will be able to get those small chunks eventually woven together into something you feel comfortable with? Kayla

Brianisarockstar said...

Man I am exahusted just reading this post. I know exactly how you feel outside of the fact that I have absolutely no idea how you feel because I am a dude, but you get the idea.

... and you were worried that you were rambling. Give Chuckie a smooch for me