Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, things just got harder around here.

Up until 4 days ago, Tristan was the perfect baby. He has been fussy ever since. It's obvious he's having issues with gas. He's also really fussy while nursing and has screamed more in the last few days than he has in his whole life. He won't nap in his crib, either. Yesterday I took him to the Dr and the Dr thinks he might have a little reflux (he just started spitting up, too). Some of his fussiness may have to do with a few things I've eaten recently (I pray that's what it is). Honestly, I can't have a fussy baby AND newly adopted nearly 3 year old twins. If you could, please say a pray that this passes. It has been miserable.

In other news, the boys are now eating string cheese. This is great since they are barely touching their milk. And just today they began eating Goldfish crackers. They are chowing on some right now as I type. Tristan is sleeping in his bouncy seat.

I promised Chuck I would share this funny story. So, on Monday night there was this awful smell as I was sitting on the couch. I assumed it was Chuck. Showers have been few and far between lately and we had both gone 2 days by then without showering. Chuck actually sprayed himself down with Febreeze because whatever the smell was, it was making me sick. The next day I finally got to shower and when I pulled off my socks I learned that the wretched smell was my OWN feet. How sick is that??

Tomorrow we will probably buy a slightly used Dodge Caravan. We were trying to do life with no car payment, but that has equated to breaking down a lot and lots of repair bills. We've prayed about it and have decided to buy a good minivan. We wish we could buy a Toyota Sienna, but we just can't afford one. So, it's the Dodge Caravan. Chuck will probably pick it up tomorrow. This means we are getting rid of our beloved Al the Altima. We've had him since 2001 and we will miss him. He's been a good car and we've replaced so many parts on him that we know he will last a while. Unfortunately he can't transport our entire family from place to place.

Okay, baby is up and hungry. Time for me to go.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear things are rough. I'll be praying for sure.
Poor lil baby...and mommy.

I will miss Al. I've always been fond of the lil gray road warrior. I am excited to hear you are getting a better van.

I lol-ed about your feet. That's darn sick. I don't know if it's sicker then the dried pee on your pants from Monday morning that you were still chilling in when mom and I left Monday afternoon. That was darn sick too.

As Chuck says....Showers are overrated....

Missing you mugs like crazy...


Heather said...

This product worked wonders for Saige when she was a baby. Here's a link. It's called Gripe Water.

Salzwedel Family said...

That was funny! So the real question is what smelled worse - your feet or the boys diapers?

Praying Mr. Tristan finds his groove again soon.

A Momma in Waiting... said...

We are getting used minivan in a month or so...our Jeep Cherokee isn't fitting two cars seats very well. The back seat is extremely narrow...Terry

Anonymous said...

Samantha also told me Gripe Water will help. She also told me to tell you to cut eating dairy out of your diet for a few days and see if that helps.


Joy said...

I am sorry your baby is fussy. I just wanted to mention a few foods that have affected my babies when nursing that usually nobody tells you. Melons, strawberries and chocolate all made my nursing babies extremely fussy. If you need that chocolate fix - try 1 or 2 m&ms or chocolate pudding. Also, if there is any fruit/veggie that you are eating tons of (for me it was watermelon and strawberries in the summer) then that is likely a trigger food. I hope he gets back to his "perfect" self soon.

Ginny said...

I have had both a baby with major gas issues resulting in major fussiness and a baby with reflux. What worked with my gassy baby was putting powdered acidophilus into pumped breastmilk in a bottle. You may also try to eliminate dairy from your diet to see if that is the problem-I think that's common, but it wasn't the problem with us. Seth just got a bunch of antibiotics when he was born, and so did I -so he got it in my breastmilk as well as in injections at the hospital. My second baby was fussy b/c of reflux and the doctor put him on liquid zantac and it worked right away. He only needed it for a few months before growing out of the reflux.

Okay-the febreeze spray down-too funny. Wish I was close enough to come help so you guys could shower!

Anonymous said...

Well, I see people already told you about the dairy... LOL.

I am sorry, I know the fussiness is hard to deal with. It will get better.

Try the sling! Sometimes it is the only thing that will chiil Asher out.