Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pictures, Finally

Tristan, 4 weeks old.
Playing with Daddy. Daddy's pretending to be asleep.

Abut 60 lbs of love in Daddy's arms.

Grandma and Tristan.

The picture doesn't do this justice. I was changing Noah's diaper. I was right there. And still he managed to get ahold of the baby powder and sprinke his face with it. How did this happen??

First time at church.

They looked so cute in these hoodies.

Samuel's first ride at the park.

Noah's first ride at the park.

Playing with Daddy.

Tristan, 5 weeks old.

Look how big he is getting!
Love those feet!

Right after a bath.

Riding Daddy.

They love these hats.

Samuel and Daddy. Second time at the park.

Noah riding with Daddy.

Samuel loved the swings and had no fear.

Noah wasn't so sure about the swings and needed Daddy close.

Great Grandma Cason made the quilts on their beds.

Sleeping beauty.

Definitely boys - they loved playing in this box.

Tristan trying out the bumbo seat.


Kathy said...

All adorable!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU! Very worth waiting 4


Heather said...

Love all of the pictures and the saying on Tristan's shirt!:)

Can you email me your email address. I think you said you changed it at some point. I have a few questions for you about end of the process and fingerprints.


Nicole said...

They are so adorable! It almost makes me want to have one!

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Your boys look healthy, happy and handsome. My how life has changed for you! I love the pictures. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME photos!!!!!!!!

amanda said...

What a beautiful family! It's great to see pictures of the boys at home!

Brianisarockstar said...

Baby powder on the face is the new look. Everyone is doing it. What a trend setter. If it didn't sting the ol' eyeballs it surely would become a pop culture favorite