Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pa Kriye

Pa Kriye (paw kree-aye) is something we say to the boys. It means, "Don't cry." We use it most when they are whining, but we sometimes say it if they've hurt themselves and we're trying to settle them down.

Poor Chuck has taken more hits to his manhood since the boys have been home than all of his life. They have seriously hurt him a few times. Just now it happened again. Samuel stepped on him. Chuck moaned in pain and Samuel said to him, "Pa Kriye."

Not sure if Samuel was approaching it from the "you got hurt and I'm trying to comfort you" angle or the "don't whine" angle. Either way it was hilarious.


Anonymous said...

This is darn awesome....and so are the pics!!!!!!!


TJ said...

I need a fix and soon! In 5 weeks, I'll have that extra time we talked about whenever you need me, but sometime very soon - I need snuggle time!
Love to all.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but that is really funny. Poor Chuck.