Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Old House

I got good news today... our house in Virginia has been rented!

We had hoped to sell it, but with the dwindling economy and the fact that we've only owned it for 2 years, that wasn't likely. We listed it for rent in mid-December and after lowering the rent we were able to get some tenants.

There are two unfortunate things about this... 1) The monthly rent payment is less than what we pay for our mortgage and 2) Our tenants won't be moving in until mid-February. It will be rented at a $240 deficit monthly, but at least the majority of the mortgage is covered. I'm so thankful for that.

It's an older house so hopefully nothing big breaks down (you know, like heat or AC).

I'm just very thankful that we were able to get it rented.
And now we can begin to look for something to rent here in Las Vegas. If you know of anything in South or Southwest Las Vegas, let me know!


TJ said...

Wish it were more, but I know it's a relief to have it rented.

We miss you.

Anonymous said...

PrAISE God!!