Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have three little boys with runny noses. Yuck!

Poor Tristan is experiencing his first cold. It's so hard to listen to such a little guy cough. I especially don't like to hear it in the middle of the night. My normal sleep-through-the-night baby is definitely not sleeping through the night.

Noah and Samuel have had their share of colds. Every time I visited them in Haiti they had one. They are old pros at coughing and runny noses. In fact, Samuel gets a tissue and wipes his own nose (all over his face, of course) and then throws it away.

I'm hoping we're all feeling better by the weekend. We don't get out much and I'd hate to miss church. I guess I can be thankful that they all have it at the same time, right?


Jodie said...

Praying everyone gets well soon!

kayder1996 said...

Hoping it passes quickly.

TJ said...

Hope you all are feeling better and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

Hope to get together again after the Holiday.