Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cried Like a Baby

Okay, I have to share this because it is hilarious.Have you seen the Tide commercial for loads of hope? If not, I'll give a brief run down. Tide has this semi that they take to devastated areas (like New Orleans and Southern California) and they pop it open and it has all kinds of washers and dryers. So they go to these devastated areas and do laundry for people because "clean laundry gives hope." Yeah, it got me good.I saw the commercial for the first time last Sunday on AMC. Chuck was in the kitchen and had to rush to the living room to find out why I was audibly crying and laughing. I was crying over the commercial and laughing at myself for crying over the commercial. By the time Chuck looked at the TV, the commercial was over so I had to explain. I was laughing hysterically at myself while wiping away my tears. So when I got to the line about how "clean laundry gives hope" I lost it all over again.Then, today, Chuck saw the commercial for the first time and called me in to watch it. Due to the miracle of Tivo (which has revolutionized my life!) he was able to rewind it and we watched it together. And yup, I cried again. And it's not just like a few tears. It's full on messy sobs.Ah, blessed hormones!

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