Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lots of Movement

Tristan is moving around A LOT lately. I seriously think he is doing back flips in there. I read somewhere that babies are able to move around the most between weeks 24-28 because they are still small enough to get around well. None of his movements seem to "hurt." He's not kicking my ribs or anything like that. He does sometimes seem to jump on my bladder. I'll think to myself, "I will need to use the restroom in a little while" and then he'll jump on my bladder and I'll need to go NOW.I'm excited that tomorrow we reach the 25 week mark. Since we've miscarried in the past, I have reasonable fears about losing our baby. Life outside the womb is viable at 25 weeks (with tons of support from a NICU), so I'm not quite as freaked about losing this little guy. Of course, he does belong to God and I realize that God can take him home whenever He wants. We definitely learned that lesson with the miscarriage. Children belong to God, He just lends them to us.Our next appointment is Friday. I'll only post if I have news to share.

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