Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Popcorn, Pickles, and Banana Peppers

These are currently my favorite foods. It all began with dill pickles. I was walking through Walmart and happened to be in the condiment aisle, which is also where they have the industrial sized foods. I saw a huge jar of pickles and had to have them. On my way home I busted into the pickle jar, got pickle juice all over the car upholstery and myself, and had a most delicious treat. I had no idea that I loved pickles until that day.On Christmas night we went to the movies. I do not usually get snacks at the movies. Maybe a soda. But that night the popcorn smelled fabulous. I had to have some. So, we got a medium and went in to see our movie. I pounded the popcorn. Daddy Bear didn't even have a chance. And it was wonderful. I have since found that you can get movie popcorn at Target. That is great. I have had evenings of great fatigue, yet a burning desire to go to the movies (which I know I won't stay awake through) just so that I can get some popcorn. I even dreamt about popcorn. In my dream I was at Walmart in the middle of the night. Now in my dream, Walmart had a concession area like Target where I could get some popcorn. But, since it was the middle of the night it was closed. So, I was searching around Walmart looking for the trash from the concession area because I just knew that they must have thrown popcorn away. Now that is insane! Oh, and microwave popcorn just doesn't cut it. I has to be popped like at the movies.And finally, my most recent food addiction is banana peppers. Last weekend Daddy Bear got us subs for dinner. He called to see what I wanted on mine, and I told him I wanted some banana peppers. They didn't have them, though. So, Monday I got a salad from a salad bar and added banana peppers to it, which I never do. They were AWESOME. I bought a jar of them today and I've been eating them. These types of food cravings have never happened to me before. The urgency I sometimes feel to eat pickles is crazy. When I was nauseous and burpy, I preferred to eat only pickles because the pickle burps weren't so bad.So, there's just a glimpse into my pregnancy craziness.

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