Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do You Ever?

Do you ever beg your email account for a specific email? Does that even make sense to you?

Let me explain.

When it comes to our adoption I get updates from a great gal named Cate. She's also an adoptive mom and I've met her on numerous mission trips to Haiti.

I find myself begging my email account for an email from Cate. Sometimes I beg God, too. I haven't actually begged Cate yet, but I might. On second thought, I think I did back when we were stuck in Parquet. I dream of seeing an email from her waiting in my inbox. It would say something like, "Great news, Chuck and Juli. Kiki finally got the document he needs from Archives and your files have been submitted to MOI. Your file numbers are #### and ####. You can go ahead and schedule your birth parent interview with USCIS."

Yeah, that would be great. It would be so great. What's not great is that our boys sit in an orphanage waiting. Their empty bedroom waits for them to fill it with noise and my empty arms wait, yearning to hold them.


Our Family Adventure said...

Juli, praying for strength and that you get that email real soon. Terry

Anonymous said...

I know this exact feeling.

I am praying those babies are home SOON.