Monday, February 11, 2008


Lately Chuck and I have had a lot of questions about our progress in Haiti. Some people, it seems, are expecting our boys to come home any day now. We are not. And we're sorry that we've communicated our progress so poorly that some would think we are that close to bringing them home.

Right now we are basically stuck in a step that we didn't know existed. We are waiting for a place called "Archives" to release an updated copy of Samuel's birth certificate (this is to the best of my understanding). Once this document is released two important things can happen.

The first is that we can schedule the birth parent interview. USCIS will interview the boys' birth father to confirm that he does indeed want them to be adopted and that he has an understanding of what that all means. They can also order DNA testing if they question whether or not he truly is their birth father. Once this interview takes place, our I-600 file (US adoption paperwork) will be approved pending the boys' passports being issued.

The second thing that can take place is that our files can be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior - aka MOI. MOI basically reviews the files and approves for passports to be issued. Last year this step was a mess. People waited 6 or more months to get through this step. Our orphanage is saying that the current wait in this office is around 4 months. I know some who've taken longer and some who've taken shorter than that. However, I recently read the following:

MOI is much faster now, but only if all your paperwork is in order. They go over the paperwork with a fine tooth comb and if they find as much as a typo, they will ask for a new document. Having to get the new document can delay the file for months. If there is no mistake at all on the paperwork, then as long as the orphanage gets the information interview (some call it the "long form") done in MOI, the file gets signed out within 2 weeks.
This information comes from a wonderful woman named Vera. She has a blog with great information about adoption process at:

So, this leaves me with some prayer requests:

1) That the birth certificate from Archives gets released TODAY.
2) That our birth parent interview take place soon and that it goes well.
3) That our file has absolutely no mistakes or typos. Depending on the mistake or typo, it can add MONTHS to the wait. I'm going to be really honest and share that I assume there are errors in our file. Our wait time in nearly every office has been substantially longer than it should have been and this has led me to believe (for quite some time now) that there are problems or errors within our file. God can correct these things, though.
4) That the processor at our orphanage would be proactive about getting the interview (aka the long form) done and would consistently check on the status of our files.

After we get through MOI we have to wait for passports to be printed. And once the passports are printed we apply for Visas for the boys.

So, we are still quite a ways off from bringing the boys home. We are basically at a standstill until the birth certificate is released from Archives.

Please join us in prayer for the above mentioned items. It would mean the world to us. Wouldn't it just be marvelous if we were among the people who make it through MOI in a matter of weeks??!!


Kathy said...

Oh, I can't believe that's what you're waiting for. How sad to let something like that hold up the whole process. I'm hoping they are at least home this summer!! I really wish they hadn't added parquet. That is holding everyone up close to year alone!! When we adopted in 1997, I didn't know the steps, never even thought to ask, but it was less than a year once we got all the paperwork around.

Anonymous said...

Praying here!!!!!

Our Family Adventure said...

Praying Juli, I know someone who finally came home last month after waiting over 2 years for her boys. They were held up at the end in MOI because of the issue of a birth certificate not being updated and legalized. It was agonizing but it was the US government that wouldn't let them come home, not Haiti. Maybe this updated birth cert is avoiding this problem.

I'm praying they get all this straightened out so you will sail through MOI!