Monday, February 01, 2010

Fun in the Snow

The weekend of Chuck's birthday was a lot of fun. It had rained for a number of days before the weekend, so the mountains surrounding us were snow covered. Chuck decided we should go play in the snow at Mount Charleston, a 45 minute drive from here.
I was hesitant because almost all of our warmer winter clothes are in storage. Between the small amount we had and some we were able to borrow, we were ready to face the snow for a little while. We joined forces with our favorite people, Vince, Jen, Marissa and Dawson. We had a serious snow ball fight and then the big kids and dads built a snowman. It was free fun for us all and it's just so cool that we can drive to the snow like that.
Here are a number of pictures that Jen took.

Snow Angels, Daddy and NoahTristan enjoyed eating the snow :)

Lil Haitians in the snow

Proud of their snowman!

Tristan refused to wear his hat much
(much like his refusal of bibs)

Daddy, Noah and Samuel

All of us :)


TJ said...

The boys look so big, like they've changed already - I guess it's all the clothes, but it made me cry.

Our girls loved the snow!

Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVED these pics. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hook a sistah up with a copy of the first pic of Tristan when he's wearing that hat and holding the snow ball. It melted my heart!!!!!
I really need it bad. I want to hang it on my wall. It's so cute. He looks like a baby model.
Of course the twins look so cute always!
Looks like fun was had by all!
Oh..and I love the one of all of you.
Gosh I miss you guys. I want to squeeze your boys so bad.
Christi xo