Thursday, January 08, 2009

Goodbye, Friends

I hate goodbyes.

I hated them when I was a kid. We would visit our Dad each summer and I hated saying goodbye to my Mom, and to my Dad when we came back.

I hated when friends went away to college, when neighbors moved, and when coworkers left.

Chuck was in the military for the first 8 years of our marriage. In that time we moved 7 times, and three of those were relocations to new states. I hated saying goodbye to friends and family. In fact, over time I've come to this place where I stay in denial about the move rather than prepare myself for the emotional rollercoaster (yeah, real healthy, I know).

Some of our very best friends are moving away in 4 days. It is getting really hard to stay in denial about it. They sold their house and moved out. They've had one going away party and another is scheduled for tomorrow. They've changed their cell phone numbers and now have out of state area codes. They keep friggin talking about it, too, which makes it very hard for me to keep up this delusion that they aren't moving away.

Vince and Jen started Forefront Church, the church we attend, the one Chuck works at, nearly 11 years ago. They are some of the most awesome people I've ever met and their kids, Dawson and Marissa, rock too. But, the most awesome thing I need to mention is why they are moving. They are moving because God said so. They don't want to. God has sent this family to start a church in Las Vegas. Not just anywhere in Las Vegas, but right on the strip. They are starting a church for people who work or live on and around the strip in Las Vegas. They are taking their light to one of the darkest places in this country. And I'm so proud of them. That kind of makes it hard for me to get mad at them for moving away.

So, if you think to, say a prayer for them. In fact, commit to praying for them. Moving is hard. They are moving to a brand new place and have to start all over - new friends, new schools, new work places, new doctors, new dentists, new stores, new everything. It is exciting, yes, but still hard. I know God is going to totally take care of them, so I'm not worried. They've got my prayers for sure.

Vince, Jen, Dawson and Marissa - I love you guys. You are awesome and I'm so proud of you for living out your faith like this. You will totally be missed here. Love, Juli

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