Wednesday, December 09, 2009

One Week...

... is all I have left in Virginia.
(Gosh I'd rather just be singing the Bare Naked Ladies song instead.)






Thrilled to get away from the crazy rainfall we've had here.

Unable to grasp that I won't see these people. Maybe ever again. You'd think having relocated 3 times before would better prepare me for the range of emotions. It doesn't. I'm an emotional mess.

I'm packing up the majority of the house tomorrow. A great friend is helping me out. I'm so thankful for her :)

Oh, Lord, please help us get through these crazy days ahead!

Your prayers would be so appreciated :)

1 comment:

Rose Anne said...

Praying here in Mn. For all of you!
You always moved before just the 2 of you now you have 3 little ones it is differant!
God Bless.
Rose Anne