Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Good Cause

I think it's hard to find good causes to support. It just seems that so many charities out there put way too much money into the comfort of those employed by the charity.

I find this problem magnified in Haiti. For example, I've read about the SUV's that UNICEF employees ride around in. I wonder how many hungry kids could be fed if 50K weren't spent on an SUV. And in Haiti, corruption is so prevalent and that makes finding a reputable charity even harder.

In 2004 I went on a mission trip to Haiti that changed my life. When I flew back to the US 5 years ago, I left my heart behind. In those 5 years I've become familiar with a lot of work being done in Haiti; though certainly not all of it. It's not my plan to share with you the organizations I wouldn't support (other than UNICEF, that is). Believe me, I have a list of them. But I would like to highlight a cause that's worth supporting.

I began reading the Livesay [Haiti] Weblog early on in our adoption wait. They are a family from Minnesota serving in Haiti. I just love that family! They are funny and sarcastic - totally things I love. They share who they really are and what it's like to minister in Haiti. I always look forward to reading their posts.

Recently Tara Livesay decided to run a marathon to raise money for hungry kids in Haiti. There is a product available called Medika Mamba that is helping to nurse starving children back to health. Tara is trying to raise $26,000 for hungry kids who will benefit from Medika Mamba.

While I was extremely moved by her posts about a little starving boy named Renald, I must admit that I didn't donate right away. You see, we live off of a tight budget... especially now that we have three kiddos. And our future economic situation is quite shaky as we transition to ministry in MI. But tonight I just had to say, "Screw the budget!" and give. I know how desperate the situation in Haiti is. I've seen it with my own eyes. The starving children are everywhere. My kids could have ended up among them. If we run out of diapers or have to eat Ramen Noodles, we will be okay. It will be worth it to know we are helping to save little lives.

So, tonight I'm linking over to the Livesay Blog. I ask that you read about their fundraiser and prayerfully consider giving to it. Read the posts about Renald. Look at him. Don't avert your eyes.

Let the reality of his little life seep into your soul. And know that there are THOUSANDS just like him.

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kayder1996 said...

It is hard to know where to give your money, especially when you talk about a country like Haiti. I too like the Livesays although I've never met them. I also really like Real Hope for Haiti. Same deal, never met them but Conleigh's orphanage has several people who are familiar with their family.