Friday, December 08, 2006

Boys' Bedroom

Well, it's official, the boys have a bedroom! Last Saturday Chuck and our friend Shaun put together the cribs and moved all the furniture into the boys' room. We had been waiting to put the room together because we'd like to paint clouds on the ceiling, but we decided to go ahead and put the room together. If we're supposed to have clouds in there, it will happen.

We're not going with much of a theme - just pastel blue and green and baby animals. After all, they won't be babies for long. We still need to get curtains and a big rug for the floor, but it's coming together. I haven't done so yet, but I think I will begin praying for them in there.

We've been given SOOOO many clothes. It's just wonderful how God moves through people to supply our needs. All of the furniture in the boys' room (plus a great big dresser that doesn't fit) was given to us by friends at church. My sister through a shower for me back in August, and we have tons of supplies for the boys - towels, wash clothes, medicine, books, blankets and more blankets, bathtub toys, regular toys, and the list goes on!

The next time I find myself doubting God's provision, I'll just walk into that room and know that He really does supply all that we need!

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