Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No News is Good News

I haven't posted anythng for a few days, but that is because there is no new news. We totally operate on the "no news is good news" program. Thankfully we know that our boys are in a great orphanage and they are dearly loved by their nannies. We also get pictures of them just about every month. But, what we've learned is that getting news beyond our monthly pictures (or if we ask specific questions) usually means bad news. Earlier this year the director emailed us about Samuel and it was because he had become dehydrated and was on an IV. So, ever since then we take comfort in getting no news about our boys. However, we do get tons of news about the orphanage and we hear when other people hit milestones like choosing a child, sending their dossier (adoption paperwork) to Haiti, being released from IBESR (Haitian Social Services), and when kids go home. The Yahoo group that I belong to for our adoptive parents is the most amazing and uplifting group of people. My favorite thing about it is that all the glory continuously goes to God.

Today marks two weeks until I begin travel to Haiti. I will fly to Miami on Tuesday, November 7th and then fly into Haiti on the 8th. On the 9th I will be with Noah and Samuel to celebrate their first birthday. I'll also be doing mission work at the orphanage and I'll travel home on the 12th. Quick trip, yes - but totally worth it because our boys will get to see pictures of their first birthday in the future. Plus, I'll get to love on them!

I do have a few prayer requests concerning this trip - Please pray that the cribs (see the post about our orphange in the news) make it safely to Haiti and also through customs so that they can be installed on this mission trip. Getting them through customs quickly is the hardest part, so please lift that up to our Heavenly Father. Thanks!! I also ask for safe travel for all of us going (and there are a bunch of us going). I used to not be so concerned about travel safety. I just always figured that if it was my time to go, then it was my time to go. When we took off from Haiti in July, I felt this fear in the pit of my stomach as the plane accelerated. I prayed, "Please God, don't let us crash. I have babies to take care of." I was jolted back to just a few hours earlier when I said to my boys as I put them in their crib, "We'll be back, if it's God's will, we'll be back." It was at that point that I new I had the "mom syndrome." Yes, I had cared for them for 6 days and loved on them and gave more of myself than humanly possible, but it was in that moment on the plane that I knew I was a mom.

If you made it this far through the post you are a trooper! Thanks for sharing in our journey.


Aunt Christi said...

You made me a lil weepy with this comment..."but it was in that moment on the plane that I knew I was a mom."
I love this blog so please continue to hook up the 411 on my nephs!!

mom said...

Trooper?? I literally eat this info up! Am checking every day for new info about the cutest little boys in the world. :)