Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wearing Them Out

That's what it's all about with twin 3 year old boys. We look for ways to wear them out.

We assumed they were too young for an outdoor trampoline.

We were wrong!

A few weeks ago we visited some friends and our boys tried out their trampoline and had an absolute ball. Thanks to the generosity of many people, we've been given money for stuff for the kids. We've kept it tucked away and waited to see how we should use it. After seeing all the fun the boys had on the trampoline, we knew that would be our next purchase. And a few days later our BJ's coupons came in the mail and there was a $40 off coupon for a trampoline with an enclosure. So, Chuck went and bought it on Friday, put it together yesterday... and it has pretty much not stopped raining since it went up :( Seriously, the boys got 5 minutes of jumping in and the rain started.

It's supposed to be sunny by tomorrow afternoon and I assure you that I will be out back wearing those boys out!


kayder1996 said...

I bet they will have a ball. And maybe you will succeed in wearing them out. (I'm not holding my breath though!)

Kathy C. said...

That will be a lot of fun for them.

Amanda said...

I'm all for wearing out children with excessive amounts of physical activity! It's really in the best interest of all involved! At the daycare I work at I get them good and worn out before nap time because, as we all know, nap time is critical to staying sane! LOL!