Friday, January 04, 2008

Mom and Herb are Here

That's right. My mom and stepdad are here visiting until Sunday. So far we've eaten out, shopped, slept in, and hung out. On today's schedule we have hanging out, more shopping, and eating out planned. Fun!

I'm sad for them because it's FREEZING here. It's only 45 out right now, and tonight it is supposed to go down to 24. Now I know you northern people think I'm a whiner, but I've lived in the tundra before and I know what that is like. I don't live there now. My blood has thinned out and cold weather seriously hurts. It is painful. Poor mom and Herb thought they were going to be visiting the south and it is FREEZING. They aren't whining like I am, though.

The good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be 56 and Sunday is supposed to be 60. Maybe I will thaw out. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there in the "cold" with you guys. It was 16 degrees here yesterday. It hurt.

Have fun shopping, eating, and sleeping in..three of my most favorite things.

Have fun. Don't let mom spend too much on a Dooney purse. I know she's been wanting one from the outlets there.

Love to you all...

About Our Family said...

Hi Juli, I hate the cold too and I'm ready to move to Florida!

Hope you have a nice visit with Mom!


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? It was 10 degrees here yesterday they are prolly basking in the 45 degree weather...I would be wearing shorts! Anywho...I was happy to read that some progress had taken place with the adoption. You're in the last leg of the journey...I can't wait until your long and stressful wait is a memory. I ran across one of the necklaces from the boys shower and I thought of what a happy day that was. I pray that the process comes to an end as soon as possible (if not sooner). I pray that some of the emotional strain is lifted until you're family is re-united. Most importantly I pray that the boys come home healthy. I have no doubt in my mind that they will bond with you both as parents, children recognize and know love...and you've both been chomping at the bit to love and work for these two lil guys for forevah! It will be a joy and a miracle to watch.